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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The Beginning

Hello to the world, this is SheridanCA. First, I suppose, I should tell you about me. I'm a guy, 30 years old, on-my-way-to-being single, located in Los Angeles, CA, or rather close to it. Ah yes, that narrows me down to one of about 500,000 other people, so I should be nicely anonymous. Life has been interesting for me thus far, and that is largely going to be the subject of this blog, I expect. Or I guess, anyway - I don't have any particular purpose at the moment. For what it's worth, you probably won't find any fiction in this blog, and probably a cacophony of feelings that I don't entirely understand. A kaleidoscope of my life? Something like that.

I work for...a computer software company as a software engineer, and attend a great Christian church. That - finding a good church - was my top priority when I moved to this area some time ago, and I'm quite glad that I was able to find a good one quickly. It was a bit of a trip at first - CA people are just different from people where I grew up, or maybe it's just an LA thing. One thing is definately different - even conservative churches around here spend more on lights and sound equipment than where I'm from.

I have a couple cats...let's see, I'll call the fat one Fastolfe and the trouble maker...Dellkidusee, for the Greek god of annoyance (, wich is quite appropriate for this cat. Fastolfe - I believe this is the right name, I'm dredging up from my old Shakespearean memory banks - is a jolly, fat old cat, so the name should suit him well. He is truely one of the largest cats you have ever seen. It's easy to tell where he's been because the couch is always quite dented after he leaves and floor seems to sag under his weight. OK, I jest, but I love to make fun of Fastolfe's weigh. "He's so huge, he's got his own weather system!"
Dellkidusee, on the other hand, is an adoreable black and white medium hair. When she wants to be sweet, she can be quite nice, but being a female cat, she has discipline problems. The word "no" really doesn't entirely enter into her vocabulary. It probably isn't present at all. She has absolutely no problem letting me know whenever she is hungry, low on water, box needs cleaning etc. Except she does this in the most annoying possible way, and Fastolfe has taken to this as well.

Up until these two, all of the cats I have ever had in my life have been quite good about telling me what they want. "Meow, meow," lead me to the food dish, and I know they're hungry. "Meow, meow," at the garage door or around the box and I know they're box needs to be cleaned. Ooofff! and they're in my lap and they want to be petted. Dellkidusee, on other hand, thinks that's too easy for me. She believes there is too much rank and order in my life. And since I love solving problems, she thinks it's all the more appropriate that when I come home or wake up - in particulary, when *she* wakes me up - that I should have yet more fun. So typically when she's hungry or thirsty or needs her box cleaned, she just generally misbehaves. She'll start clawing at my speakers (thank God she is declawed now...yes, yes, I know, that will be the subject of a future post), jumping up on the table, walking on my cluttered dresser knocking things off, jump up on the table - I can't tell you how much the last one bugs me. Sometimes, she just does this because she is the living incarnation of the God of Annoyance, but then other times she wants things, and it is her mission in life to make sure that I can never quite tell which.

This morning, she is politely sitting on my bible just to the left of me on my desk, acting for all the world as though she is a very loveable and sincere cat and would never do any of those things. I, of course, can see the veiled mischief in her eyes and am no longer fooled by this subtle attempt to reassure me that she really is just cuddly, lazy creature who sleeps 16 or 18 hours a day.

Oh let's see...It's now 7:30, time for me to take a shower and get to work. Yesterday, I believe I have finally killed a particularly annoying bug that I'd been fighting for a while. This one was crafty, one of those now-you-see-me-now-you-don't types. It obviously had it in for me from the very beginning, but considering where it came from, that does seem to be the attitude of those bugs. Being an old hand and of determined character, I've worked on a lot of the code in my company for our core products, and for my current project I've been cursed on a number of occasions with bugs for a version of our product that runs on an old OS that few people use anymore (although, truth be told, really more should), except, of course, for a few of our bigger customers. They won't upgrade without it, and very few people work on it. I just want to say ick, gross, or something. Mostly, it's just frustrating because you can't really debug. I mean, you can step through and over things, but it's all assembly. No locals, no objects, no nothing - back to the old DOS days of DEBUG.COM. Those were the days.

But, I'm slowly learning. I just hope I get some more fun stuff to work on. My component of the project got gutted because other components were just too far behind. It was a pretty bad situation. Frankly, it was really frustrating, putting in all that time and effort, but the reasons why are quite clear and defensible, and though I hate to say it, I think it was the right call. This has been a very unusual project - never before have I been on one that was as out of bounds and apparently out of control as this one. I've eaten up (consumed? burnt? expended?) another 10 minutes now, almost, so I'd better get going. And there's Dellkidusee, jumping back up after wandering around on the floor for a bit, just to let me know that she doesn't have to stay in one place if she doesn't feel like it.

Today should be a good day, though. I have a good feeling that my fix from yesterday has killed this bug, plus afterwards I have home group - a weekly small group type bible study, my church has probably a dozen or so of them, not counting the special purpose ones (like Old Testament Challenge, or when we had groups for 40 days). And, even cooler, I got a ticket to Shakespeare's The Twelfth Night for $12 yesterday, and the play is in four days now. I'm excited - I love Shakespeare and it's been way too long since I saw a play.

OK, really this time, gotta go. Later.


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Thanks. This has actually been surprisingly fun. English always was one of my favorite subjects and I never got a chance to do as much fiction writing as I wanted to.

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